Real Money Casino Slot Classification

Visiting any online gambling house, you face a dilemma. Now, you are to select a game kind you are willing to experience. Well, most players in this case prefer slot machines. This is an entertainment where you spin the reels and watch various symbols creating winning combinations. Yet, not everything is so ordinary and childlike, there exist numerous alternatives of real money casino slots and in order to grab the highest winning at the close of each round, you should select the best variant, according to the following categories.

Casino for real cash with slots

Due to The Reel Number

The lines where slot icons are spun are called reels. And if in land-based casinos, they are big metal hoops, which really twist inside of a machine, in online version they are just for show. The first releases of the amusement are now called classic ones and provide 3 reels. Turning to more modern series, they are known as video ones and offer you 5 reels of symbols. Still, you can try more variations with 6, 7 or even 8 reels. Microgaming and Quickfire created several such pokies for your winning chances to grow up.

According to Paylines

Again, if speaking about old-school machines, there are 3 reels and only 1 payline active in the center line. Today, the things have changed and that is definitely for a good cause. The number of winning chances increases with 9, 15, 25, 40, 100 paylines available to catch a combo. Grabbing the icons in the appropriate order from left to right, you can boost the balance with another successful spin. Moreover, you can meet 243 ways to win, and there are even slot machines that offer 1,024 ways during the free games.

By A Game Design

The first thing that catches the eye of slot visitors is the graphics. Depending on a game type, you can face various designs that can either meet your likings or not. Observing the alternatives, you can select any between traditional, video, 3D, AWP (amusement with prize), fruit and other machines, each of which differs in its appearance. Here are several main kinds, playing which you can experience totally diverse emotions.

Real Money Casino Classic Slots

Get acquainted with the machines, which first appeared in land-based gambling houses. And according to this, many years ago, when traditional slots were the only alternative, players had no choice but to experience plain icons on their screens. Nothing has changed, if you join this kind of entertainment, you will just watch the icons spinning, that is it. However, besides the 2D images, you can also enjoy themed sounds, which match the idea of the machine.

Video Versions

High technologies made a step forward, and online gambling industry did the same. Creating video slots, casino providers offer you icons of high quality, bright colors and cool design. Even the topics are now more manifold, you can detect movie/cartoon/comics characters, animals, sport stars, singers and other famous people. The difference is felt for sure, and, that is why, casino members, can’t go back to the previous type when seeing the advantages of this and the following ones.

Casino slots for real money

3D Entertainments

The virtual pastime doesn’t seem so cyber anymore. With the new approach, you experience real emotions, as well as meet true heroes. The icons are now tridimensional and it is like they will come out of the blue scrn right away. Even some more characters appear among the reels and jump with joy when you win, or get upset after an unsuccessful try. A real cartoon of high quality is presented on your screen! Commenting your moves and dancing under a special music, they can’t but increase your mood.

Due to The Jackpot Type

Most slot machines provide a fixed jackpot. It means, you have a certain paytable, the highest win of which depends on the stake size you place. Selecting the max coin value and making the similar bet, you can count on the top gain. Some games present progressive jackpot, which amount changes all the time. In fact, it is a separate win that is collected from all the slot players’ wagers. Usually, it is activated totally at random, but when striking it, you become a millionaire in a matter of seconds.