Is Real Money Casino Online Legal?

The pastime with online gambling becomes much more sought-after today. Numerous people are eager to join web casinos and experience their arcades using true money. Antigua and Barbuda were the first countries, which accepted the law in 1994 and made it so that countries providing such a leisure got licenses. Still, there are some doubts whether everything is really so legit and safe. Let us observe every legal real money casino online in different countries and what organizations control gambling there.

Legal casino for real cash

US Legal Status

Referring to rules, the USA makes it illegal for its citizens to play online casino amusements. Yet, the demand and participation are growing up. In 1961, the Federal Wire Act prohibited any monetary transactions for sports, not mentioning other fields of the hazardous leisure. All of them were subjects of judicial cases.

But, the evens of 2006 presented the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which was adopted then. According to it, it is backstreet to make transfers from banks. That is why, in case your casino is available for the country and provides a certain list of payment methods, they are the best alternatives selected.

Real Money Casino in Canada

Visiting any online casino open for Canadians, you should make sure that it is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The aim of this act is to protect players from web fraud. Once, a site owns the mark, it means that here everything is fair, honest and responsible. Besides, no crime can take place while your gameplay, operators are bound to treat you fairly, provide your winnings promptly and all the private information given is in confidence. Please, mind that only people over 18 can join a site and become its true member.

Restrictions for Aussie

The best way to protect its citizens from the gaming harmful effects Australian government found in Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) established in 2001. The offense extends to all online casino provides, whether founded in the country or out of it. They do not have a right to provide any advertisement for the residents and allure them to join their sites. Yet, the players have nothing to do with the law, cause they are totally free to join poker rooms or play web games. Herewith, sports betting is also completely legal, everything is done for gamers to be satisfied and secure.

Indian Market

According to Bombay Wager Act, playing online arcades for real money is illegal in Maharashtra state. As for other regulations and acts, they are all silent, showing respect towards virtual gaming in India. Federal Information Technology Rules is the latest law connected with the interactive pastime and it says that similar illegal actions can be easily blocked by the appropriate bodies within the country. One more offense applies to poker players, who are restricted to make transactions to foreign poker websites.

Legality Issues in European Countries

It is a common wisdom that a casino was created in Europe first. Yet, the origin is unknown and it is believed that gaming was spread in any society in history. Still, the first casino was established in Italy in 1638 in order to regulate the gameplay during festivals. Today, there is a pretty large number of gambling fans from the heart of the globe and the majority of web players is from Europe. Below, you can find the countries and their regulations organizing the pastime within their areas.

Casino for real money - legality


The United Kingdom thinks about its citizens, and in 2003 the Culture Secretary suggested to make some changes in the active gambling law in order to keep up with the technological novelties. That is when the UK Gambling Commission was launched, taking the regulation under its control. Once you see the sign of the legal framework on the casino site, be sure it guarantees fair and open gaming process, protects both children and adults from harm, etc.


An Interstate Treaty on Gaming (2008) in the country prohibited any kind of betting and gaming, except for horse racing. But, the European Betting & Gaming Association turned to the EU Commission and asked to overview the legislation, because its strict conditions offend the rules of the union. In 2010, it was decided that the terms should be liberalized, but Schleswig-Holstein is the only state allowing online gambling. Still, since 2012, any casino operator can apply to get a license in Germany.


Gambling in France doesn’t provide any difficulties. The industry is regulated by an official body – French Competition Authority, CSA and CNIL. Herewith, there exist 3 kinds of licenses presented for 3 various gaming types: online sports, horse race and poker games. Unfortunately, casino games are not in the list and they are illegal, because lawmakers considered them to be too addictive.