Top List of Real Money Casino Winnings by Country

Online gambling is an international pastime, which is popular all over the globe. People from various countries keep playing virtual games more and more. It implies that in case we collect all the real money casino winnings, their locations will differ a lot. This fact gives a chance to any player to make a killing and become one of the lucky devils. Still, don’t think that the process is so easy, everything depends on your luck and in case the fortune smiles to you, there is a chance to become a millionaire. Besides, having a certain strategy won’t hurt anyway.

Winnings at asino for real cash

Canadian Winnings

Speaking about online gambling, Canadian players are pretty active. About 75% of risk lovers prefer virtual gambling houses to land-based ones. Moreover, the biggest part makes men, female are 44%. According to this, it is no wonder that the stronger sex spends more money on the pastime, still, they are usually the ones to win. For instance, 2014 was the lucky year of I.R., who won $3.3 million experiencing Mega Moolah slot by Microgaming. The same game helped another Canadian to grab $7,561,773 million in April 2005. The list of fortunate citizens grows up and you can add your name to it 😉

Real Money Casino Rewards in Australia

There exist numerous methods how one can determine the country with the greatest gambling rate. However, no matter which way you select, it is rather impossible to find a nation, which will be more into the virtual gaming than Australians. More than 80% of adult citizens are members of online casinos, by the bye, this index is the highest in the world. The largest jackpot winners from this country caught their luck in 2016. An unknown participant grabbed AU$10,423,223 million on the Dark Knight in April, while S.R. won AU$150,000 on Break da Bank Again pokie in May.

Sweden Records

Have you ever heard about Sweden online casino players? And they are collecting pretty impressive winnings, striking large jackpots. For instance, November 2012 became one of the best years for a woman, who managed to own €7.6 million playing the Hall of Gods slot machine. The same month of 2015 was Alexander’s time of glory. The man won €8,577,204 when trying Mega Fortune Mega by NetEnt. Mega Fortune machine rewarded €3,317,639 for only €2.50 bet placed, when the player stopped the reels at the most appropriate moment.

Real money casino winners

US Stats

Each true gambler knows that online gambling in America is not fully regulated. According to that, players usually join casinos based overseas. The offshore houses are established in the countries where such a pastime is legal. Yet, it doesn’t mean the USA residents fall behind the others. Quite the opposite, people experience games with a great pleasure and grab rather impressive winnings. A gamer was trying Gold Rally by Playtech, which paid out its previous jackpot a week before. Still, the lucky devil managed to strike one more lot of $277,228 in December 2013. Another progressive slot (Dream Wheel) awarded $149,080.17, wanna be the next one?

Other European Countries

As we have already mentioned, online players are everywhere. That is why, their lucky moments can be observed endlessly. An insomnia of a Norwegian guy helped him boost the balance with €11,736,375 in September 2011 when playing Mega Fortune. An Italian male Bruno Venturi felt his fortune in 2009 and hit £650,000 while playing the game named Sixty Seconds.

Mega Moolah keeps surprising. The same thing this slot did in 2008, when rewarded a Finnish gamer with more than $5 million. Another man from the same country decided to place a stake of 25 cents on Mega Fortune machine and that was enough to make him a rich for $24 million. Play more and more, and perhaps, one day your name will take the first position with the highest jackpot caught.