How to Win Playing Roulette at Real Money Casino

Any online casino wants to meet the favors of its attendants. And one of the players’ choices is Roulette. This game was created in France in the 18th century, and its title means ‘a little wheel’. The whole idea of the entertainment is that you select one or several spots to place your bets on. In general, this is a wheel with red and black numbers from 0 to 37 (French/European versions) or from 00 to 38 (American roulette).

Learn The Rules of Different Roulette Types

So, you already know about the main 3 kinds of virtual roulette in real money casino. Let us observe them in details now. American one is generally provided by US-based casinos, it comes with with 0 and 00, and 5.6% of the house edge. European alternative is the oldest one and comes with a single 0. The superiority of the site this time is 2.7%. Going to the origins, here is the French version. It also presents only 0 and offers Surrender feature, just like the previous option. The greatest pro of this method is its low house edge of 1.35%.

Roulette at casino for real cash

Try Out The Best Strategies

In case you observe the whole list of tips, helping you to choose the safe bet, you will see a lot of points. Taking the primitive ones, you should watch several twists before starting a real play, try the practice mode and start with the European alternative first. Yet, there are still more serious steps to take. Learn the basic strategies, which may be of use once you are a newbie. Having a plan B is always a good idea.

Martingale Tactic

The principle of this game plan is very simple. Start with a min stake and decide if you want to wager on red, black or even. Every time you lose, continue placing a bet on a spot chosen initially, just double it up. For instance, you select red, make $5 stake and black comes out. Thus, you fail. Then place $10 on red again and keep on repeating the procedure until you win. It is to help you have your losses back and be the gainer. The only disadvantage is that some tables set a limit on the max wager, it means you can reach the bound before catching the scoop.

James Bond Principles

Be smart, act wisely. Selecting this strategy, the risk grows up. Place $200 in total and wait for a win. Thus, $140 will go on the high figures (19-36), $50 is a bet for 6 numbers (13-18) and the rest $10 place on Zero. According to this, if the first variant occurs, you win $80, the second one leads to $100 and the third version brings $160. The only mean to forget about the whole $200 set, if numbers from 1-12 appear.

En Prison Rule

This principle is generally used in European Roulette and makes it possible for you to reduce the casino advantage to 1.35% on bets placed with even money. Make a stake on black and in case a Zero comes out, the site keeps your $10. In case you see black appearing in the end, you get your $10 back. Nothing to win, but nothing to lose either.

Casino for real money with roulette

Budget Management Tips at A Real Cash Casino

Another significant item, which can influence on your prosperity is the management of your own funds. The main rule of all entertainments is the same – you should set a certain budget for a pastime and keep track that you don’t exceed the limit. Here are several tips to help you succeed on this stage.

Control Your Bets

The first step to take is to determine a sum, which you are ready to lose if the things go bad. Now that you have a balance, write it down on a paper and divide the total figure into several parts (bets). That is how, you can control your stakes and spending.

Use Available Bonuses

One of the most popular ways to save some of your personal cash is claiming casino bonuses. Find a beneficial one (SignUp, High Roller, Match% and more) and activate it meeting the requirements. More often than not, you are to transfer a deposit, so, learn the min amount allowed and get additional credits for gratis.

Withdraw Earnings ASAP

Once you notice your balance growing up, stop for a second and withdraw the money won, leaving the initial input. For instance, whereas you start with $100, and now you have $150, cashing out $50 you can extend the gameplay with the same hundred of dollars, putting at threat only another $50.