Number Indicators at Real Money Casino

Well, this article is going to surprise you. Yeah, we won’t remind you how significant it is to check out the casino licenses when visiting any. We won’t either insist that you should analyze the certificates, gaming provider, withdrawing possibilities, etc. To some degree, that is because these points are taken for granted. Today, the hero of the article is a pack of certain factors of the casino for real money and its games themselves. These indexes will help you get more chances to hit the jackpot. Are you already interested? So, let us observe them one by one.

Numbers at casino for real cash

Return to Player

Each trustworthy gambling blog insists that you should reckon with the rtp of the casino and a particular game, which you are willing to play. It is usually represented in a percentage, which shows your winning possibilities. It is determined with the help of the following calculation: a total amount returned to players is divided by a general sum of bets placed by gamers. So, for instance, in case the rtp of a certain game is 99.5%, it implies that you will be liable to get back $99.5 when catching $100.

House Edge in Online Casino for Real Money

Taking the previous example, we can say that the rest 0.5% is called the house edge. If rtp identifies the benefit of a casino member, this data represents the profits of the site itself. This is the average of your total loss, which the portal will keep in any case. That is why, when choosing an entertainment, make sure it provides gainful conditions for you. As a rule, card games come with the lowest house edge. Why not to start with them in the first place?

Hit Frequency and RNG

Let us observe the factors in stages. Hit frequency is the figure that shows how often a luck will visit you and you will strike a winning combo within a slot. According to this, the larger a number is, the more opportunities you have to win. Random number generator (RNG) is a little chip, which generates figures all the time. Commonly, RNG oscillates items from 1 up to several billion times a second. Besides, the process doesn’t stop even when a game is not played.

Other Percentages

The main indexes are already discussed and you can use the knowledge to find your perfect amusement. Yet, the list of factors is not over. There are some more items, that deserve your attention and also play a great role in your gaming success. See, the selection of an arcade is not as easy as it seems at first. In order to be sure in your prosperity, you should make a deep searching, minding several more criteria.

Real money casino indicators


The hold info shows the average percentage of chips kept by the casino. For example, imagine you play Blackjack and their total amount bought for the gameplay makes $1,000. Once all the players lose $300 and leave the round with $700, it means the hold percentage is 30%. If each member loses their whole stock of chips, the data of hold will be 100% then. The number can even exceed 100% if the visitors join a table with some funds purchased from another one.

Standard Deviation

This is a measure, which presents how inconstant your balance will be while a certain gaming process. The standard deviation of the gameplay result over a fixed number of bets is the same product of one stake. That means, all the placed bets are of equal sizes. So, the possibility that you will get the outcome within 1 deviation is 68.26%, in case there are 3 deviations, the percentage grows up to 99.74%. Numerous books of gambling statistics provide a whole table with the number of SDs and their appropriate data.

Element of Risk

In order to identify the element of risk, you should divide the average loss by the total amount of money bets. Once you place only one stake, its percentage won’t have any difference with the game house edge. Being a casino real player and making several stakes aiming at cash winnings, you should use the mentioned formula and appoint your gaming status.